Fishing Seasons

Customers showing off the fish they caught


We start our season about the 15th and limits of Lake Trout are common. They will range in size from 8-12 pounds with some up to 15 pounds or more! Have you ever tried poached Lake Trout?

April is also the best month for Brown Trout. This warm water species stays close to Milwaukee anywhere it can find a temperature break of a degree or two warmer than the main body of the lake. Three to five pound Browns are the norm with many over ten. Most recently, some new strains of Brown Trout have been planted. This new strain of Brown Trout is now yielding fish up to 28 pounds.


Be ready for a work out! You will find almost nonstop action on Coho Salmon in the 3-5 pound class. This is the peak of the run with 15-20 fish on most charters. The month of May is when this fish is most active.

The Rainbows range in size from 5 to more than 15 pounds. This fish is especially exciting to catch due to its strength and jumping ability.

Chinooks and Lake Trout are also caught in May depending on their location relative to the other species.

June July August

Big fish big fun Chinooks, Chinooks and more Chinook Salmon. Come get a sore arm reeling in the hardest fighting fish in the Great Lakes. Average size of these bruisers is 12 to 20 pounds WOW! The King is known for his forceful runs and brute strength. Salmon on the grill it just doesn't get any better!

Brown and Rainbow Trout are active in all sizes. Locally, a state record trout was caught just a few years ago.

Lake Trout are plentiful with an average size of about 12 pounds. All five types of Lake Michigan fish are in their prime. The lake water sets up in layers and all fish become very predictable in their location.

September October

The Kings, Coho, Browns and Rainbows make their runs up the rivers. Milwaukee is fortunate to have a large harbor where these fish congregate before they make their runs. This makes the fish most accessible to the fishermen.

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